The UK Polygraph Association it’s innovative professional organization formed to endorse polygraph in the UK and all across the world. They support qualified polygraph examiners to join and caught up in a proactive organization. The association not only shows prospective clients that the examiner is skilled and qualified to a high level but also performs to promote the sharing of education and information amongst its members. BPS examiners are well trained and qualified experts who help clients.

They assist who use our services by proving the truth. They follow incredibly high standards of ethical, moral, and professional conduct. BPS wants its members to stick on to the british polygraph association Principles of Practice and Code of Ethics. To become a BPS member, experienced examiners must adhere to rigid guidelines and educational requirements, which include many hours of coursework at an accredited APA school.

Each member must make sure they adhere to the APA’s ongoing education and training rule to uphold membership. Ensures when you connect a BPS Specialized, you are then assured the examiner has been educated at a certified School. The examiners are not only qualified but a veteran at their trade. They will also utilize accurate techniques and use the new equipment available today to ensure maximum accuracy. It will ensure you have hired the most excellent available in the field of polygraph. A BPS member will have been well trained and graduated from an official American Polygraph Association School.

BPS members esteem the rights and dignity of all examinees that they administer polygraph exams. The members will not make a result when the physiological readings lack adequate clarity and or quality. The BPS member will permit an examinee post-test a reasonable chance to explain physiological reactions to pertinent questions in the charts. BPS members will never solicit fees or gifts of any sort, which are intended to influence the result of any examination.

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