When applying for a sales position, you will most likely encounter the sales assessment test. Through sales assessment test answers, you will provide to prospective employers an insight into your on-the-job actions. The exam is similar to a personality test. It delves into the factors that motivate you, as well as the values and interests that are inherent within your perspective. The sales aptitude test analyses three main dimensions- sales skills, personal skills, and job skills. It is focused on behavior, attitudes, values and the skills that carry a sales rep into the realm of success.

The sales assessment test is generally along the lines of a sales personality test though you can expect to answer questions relating to the specific knowledge of job skills, along with skills that are inherent in the sales profession. The exam consists of a multiple-choice format. The questions concern the working environment of a sales representative. Most sales skills assessment tests are administered online. Some prospective employers prefer to administer the exam using paper and pencil.

Sales assessment test contain at least one scenario section, highlighting sales and job skills, and a self-assessment portion that focuses on your interests, preferences, and values. Self-assessment questions will involve a particular statement. You will choose the response that best reflects the degree to which that statement applies to you. Sales scenario test will place you within a realistic Sales Assessments representative situation. The task will involve marking the response that best represents the action that you would take in that set of circumstances.

Employers are looking for certain skills and traits that can be found in top sales representatives. Becoming a sales representative is open to anyone who possesses empathy, personal drive and the gift of gab among a host of other traits. The characteristics that are the focus of sales assessment tests include: ability to manage hostile reactions; talent for questioning and listening; ability to prospect for clients; the person who can kick a goal and close sales; teamwork; knowledge of products and markets; enthusiasm and the will to succeed; initiative ; acceptance of accountability; and open to criticism.

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